"There is nothing so American as our national parks. The scenery and wildlife are native. The fundamental idea behind the parks is native. It is, in brief, that the country belongs to the people, that it is in process of making for the enrichment of the lives of all of us. The parks stand as the outward symbol of this great human principle." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Monday, June 22, 2009

Snow Days

It may be the second day of summer, and according to the Weather Channel it appears much of the country is toasty warm, but it actually snowed here in Canyon this morning. It was just flurries which didn't stick to the ground, but it was cold and windy. Yesterday it rained and hailed a few times during the day. By this evening it was a bit warmer (in the 50's) and with a little help from the car's heater I was able to open the sun roof and drive the north loop. I passed what appeared to be a bear jam (I didn't see the bear) by Roosevelt but I decided not to stop, there was one angry ranger there who was busily herding people back to their cars. I watched the horses and riders ride through a herd of buffalo as they came back from their dinner. There wasn't much else out as far as wildlife goes. I did spot some elk and bison and I saw the Tetons in the distance as I came down Dunraven Pass.

On Saturday and Sunday it was free day to get into the park. I would of thought it would of been busier. People were in a fairly good mood even though many of them had to put up with the lousy weather. Better weather is on its way.

Last week I stopped at the bookstore in West Yellowstone. I picked up a couple good books. One is about whether Merriwether Lewis commited suicide or was murdered. I can pretty much figure the book is about the authors theory that he was murdered since it is an accepted thought that he committed suicide. It should be a good read. I also bought, and currently reading, a nonfiction book about families moving west during the 1800's. The first part of the book is about a family moving to the Oregon Territory in the 1850's and it includes letters written between the family members that moved and members that stayed behind. It is very interesting but a very sad and tragic story.